Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bluetooth For Samsung Straight Talk Phone Straight Talk Phone Service ; Which Phone Is Better , The Samsung R451C Or The Motorazr V3a ?

Straight talk phone service ; which phone is better , the samsung R451C or the motorazr V3a ? - bluetooth for samsung straight talk phone

I recently discovered, the phone speak openly plan, and I thought I would try it [nothing would be worse than Boost Mobile (:]. The only thing now is between 2 phones, the Samsung and stuck in the R451C MOTORAZR V3a. I wonder this phone is better and if any personal experience with one of the phones. Thank you (:

The website of Straight Talk provides the following information about each phone. So every respect would be appriciated:]


Mobile Web
1.3-megapixel camera
MP3 player (cable and SD card not included)
QWERTY keyboard
Bluetooth ® Wireless Technology
Applicant / picture / ringer ID
Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Rating: M3
Handsfree speaker
Voicemail and Call Waiting
Lock and Key Pad Alarm
Calendar with up to 500 entries
Battery talk time up to 4 hours
Standby time up to 14 days
Color Display
Ringtones and graphics
Text Messaging
Automatic redial
10 polyphonic ring tones
Includes charger and Service Guide


Mobile Web Access / Web browsing
Caller ID
Instant Messaging
VGA camera
Bluetooth ® Wireless Technology
Ringtones and graphics
Handsfree speaker
3-Way Calling
Calendar with up to 1000 entries
3.6 hours of battery autonomy
Standby time up to 12.8 hours
Includes charger and Service Guide


Mobile Mike said...

Samsung begins RAZR Butt and on the sidewalk. It's better than the Razr, for several reasons. A camera with 1.3 megapixels for pictures though. The RAZR in VGA quality is strong. In other words, sucky. The full QWERTY keyboard. Ever text on a mobile keyboard does not work? SLOW.
Moreover, the biggest blow to the Razr now has a new RAZR, V3A which is lower in reality than the original RAZR V3M and V3C came on Sprint and Verizon, two years ago. The V3M / C were things like a camera with 1.3 megapixels and EVDO 3G/high belt speed, while the Razr is the slower, more than 2.5 g web. 3G is five times faster. Besides the originals were built solid. ST The new version is built like a fragile toy.

I say hand Samsung. In addition, Samsung is better built in general, and Motorola. Samsung is the second largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world, where Motorola was. I choose a Samsung for a Motorola any day of the week. The only thing that Samsung is its special camera. However, if a phone is always perfect?

LaTasha said...

So I had the Motorola RAZR ... it's my .. r451c and I would prefer that r451c RAZR ... who the pictures better than the RAZR ... I had the RAZR for ... 2 weeks B4 is as messy ... r451c hope that lasts longer ... but I choose rc451c ...

Patrick B said...

I agree with Mike. I would just add that I think Motorola is the quality a little better. For a comprehensive review of r451c, please visit this link:
Another thing that is likely before Christmas, "Straight Talk, the Samsung R810 finesse, a touchscreen phone is already starting in some other providers such as MetroPCS and I think U.S. Cellular. If we are to wait a little longer, another in the mixture, but it is expensive at $ 300. He is EVDO, but even faster Internet access to be seen, but it remains whether the limit in some way the function of free speech. It also has a 2.0-megapixel Camera and video recorder. Here is a link to information about you:

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